Great Outcomes, Excellent Knowledge, Very Professional

I hired Shawn  to handle my DUI / DWI matter.  I have worked with Shawn in two cases so far. He is not only a very professional person that knows exactly what to do on each type of case but also extremely informative and ALWAYS available. He has also worked with a couple of friends I have referred to him and we all have only great things to talk about him. Shawn always fights for your case until the end and also for the best possible outcome. 5 Stars for Him

Santiago A., DUI client,  Avvo.com


Responsive and Honest

I recently had the pleasure of engaging Shawn Gritz as a defense lawyer for criminal charges I  recieved in a traffic accident case. After talking with a number of lawyers initially, I found Shawn to be very responsive and honest about potential outcomes and costs, and chose to work with him. He patiently answered all my questions and gave me guidance on what information would be helpful for the trail. Like many professionals however it is not until seeing him in action on the day of the trial that I fully appreciated what I was playing him for. He successfully negotiated a settlement before the case was called, resulting in the case being dismissed. He did it in a very polite, professional and efficient manner and kept me informed of my options at each point. From his interactions with others, it is clear he is a seasoned lawyer and understands well how the system works. I would not hesitate to engage Shawn again in the future.

rscuschair – 01/30/2013

Finding a Good Criminal Defense Attorney In MD

I recommend Shawn Gritz. Shawn handled my Criminal Defense matter.  Shawn was very helpful throughout my experience in the District Court. I was cited for failure to notify the owner of a parked car I damaged in a parking lot which required me to appear in court. Shawn described to me what I should expect to experience in the courtroom and how to pursue the least damaging resolution for me at trial. He was able to work with the prosecutor prior to trial to make an arrangement that was satisfactory to all parties. As it turned out with Shawn representing me I was able to meet my goal of avoiding serious damage to my driving record. Furthermore I want to emphasize that Shawn is very experienced in handling cases such as mine which is important for any prospective client to know. Overall rating – Excellent; Trustworthy rating – Excellent; Responsiveness Rating – Excellent; Knowledgeable rating – Excellent

Posted by a Criminal Defense client, December 2013, Avvo.com.


Excellent, Service Oriented

I hired Shawn for my speeding / traffic ticket matter.  I found Shawn to be likeable, easy to talk to, genuinely concerned about my situation, professional in his demeanor and reliable. I was very pleased with the results and his fee was quite reasonable. My issues revolved around traffic violations. I would highly recommend him.

Posted by Michael, a Speeding Ticket client, Avvo.com.


Professional Service Throughout

I recently hired Shawn Gritz as a defense lawyer for a traffic accident case. After interviewing a number of lawyers, I found Shawn to be very clear in his explanation of potential outcomes and costs. He patiently answered all my questions and gave me guidance on what information would be needed for trial. He successfully negotiated the dismissal of my case and i was able to expunge the charges from my record.

Posted by a client, about a year ago, Avvo.com.


Outstanding Service

Shawn handled my Business matter.  I had previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.  Shawn provides timely, useful and accurate information to all questions and inquires and provides secure guidance. He is very trustworthy and knowledgeable. Definitely makes you feel like you are in good hands!

Julie C., Avvo.com


Honest and Trusworthy Defense Lawyer

Shawn is a great person to know if you need a defense attorney. He specializes in hard situations and makes the most of them. While I have not used his services personally, I know him personally and if I ever needed someone like him, I know where to turn.



Highly Recommended Criminal Defense Attorney

Comment: I highly recommend the services of Shawn Gritz. He gave me a thorough briefing at the onset, knew the system inside-and-out and explained to me how the process would work, and likely outcomes. He kept me informed throughout the process, worked collaboratively with the prosecutor’s office, and the result was what we both considered a 100% successful outcome to my case. I am extremely satisfied with his legal services, and feel very comfortable in recommending him.

Mary, Avvo.com, 09/24/2014

Best Outcome Possible

On behalf of our entire family, thank you for the best outcome possible.  This was a very unfortunate and painful experience.  Our son has matured and grown a lot as a result of this experience and your guidance through it.  We are all grateful that you were able to look out for our son and grateful for your wisdom.

Ali, via email 12/2013


Pleased with the Probation Before Judgement

Thank you again with all of your help with my case.  I was also pleased that the judge granted me the probation before judgement on the DWI charge.  You were right on target with what you told me to do before court.  Because I have completed everything before court,all I have to do is call and not come in.

S.A. via email 04/2013