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Montgomery County DUI Attorney: Maryland DUI Defense

As an experienced traffic lawyer in Maryland, I represent clients in all traffic matters including Maryland DUI defense, as well as DWI arrests, and both first offenses and repeat charges. In addition to helping clients combat Maryland DUI arrests, I also work with various other serious traffic-related offenses such as driving after license revocation or suspension, reckless driving, negligent driving, and hit and run collisions.

A conviction on criminal traffic violations in Maryland may result in fines, points, the loss of your driver’s license, and in some instances, a potential jail sentence.

I work vigorously to protect each individual’s rightsincluding appearing before the Motor Vehicle Administration on behalf of clients charged with these types of offenses. Your privilege to drive is much too valuable to not protect.

As your traffic lawyer in Maryland and Montgomery County DUI attorney, I’ll fight to protect your rights as completely as possible.

Criminal Law

I also represent clients charged with criminal offenses, both misdemeanor and felony crimes, including theft, assault and battery, drug and paraphernalia possession, and other crimes in the state of Maryland.

You need an experienced, well-versed and highly skilled Rockville DUI lawyer for Maryland DUI defense. Don’t settle for anything less when there’s potentially so much at stake. As a traffic lawyer in Maryland, we  help our clients with Maryland DUI arrests, DWI in Maryland, criminal traffic violations, reckless driving and more.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll show you how we can help as your Montgomery County DUI attorney.

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