MVA Cheat Sheet

This is intended to be a general guide only and is not a substitute for reading the applicable statutes and seeking legal advice.

I’ve created this sheet for my clients to explain the process of going through the administrative process at the MVA. Hopefully this will greatly reduce your anxiety by giving you a better idea of what outcomes are possible.

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DWI/DUI – Generally two hearings possible

  1. First is for mere fact of breath result over .08
  2. Second is if no PBJ granted and conviction results
  3. (Also possible Medical Advisory Board referral for multiple offenses)


Must request a hearing in writing within 30 days and pay filing fee
(send certified mail – return receipt requested)

Paper license good for 45 days unless/until extension letter mailed by MVA
Need to carry both on you.  You can go to the MVA and obtain a replacement picture license.



2nd +

Modification possible?

Result  =

.08 – .14

180 days

180 days

Work /Alcohol Education / School / Medical

or can opt for 6 month ignition interlock

Result = .15 +

180 days

270 days

1 yr ignition interlock (or more if repeat)


270 days

2 years

1 yr ignition interlock (or more if repeat)

WITH A REFUSAL OR OVER .15 it is generally better to just opt for the interlock (but agood attorney may get no action)

(Particularly with repeat offenders who risk Medical Advisory Board referral)

IF ELECT INTERLOCK – MUST install in vehicle and return to MVA by 30 days from incident

However, the MVA generally will allow people to opt into the interlock program late.

SECOND HEARING – Conviction with points (TA 16-206 & 16-404)

Generally receive letter from MVA and have 15 days to request hearing
Lengthy revocation / suspension / ignition interlock
Best to request hearing and hire lawyer

CDL License

There are different results for driver with CDL license

Generally:           Any suspension (even modified) can disqualify

a PBJ on the “B” should not disqualify them from driving
a PBJ on the “A” will disqualify them

Also be careful of :

16-113 – Test over .02 or refusal = 1st – 6 month suspension / 2nd – revocation
16-213 – ANY violations on a PROVISIONAL

If client has a provisional license, a violation (even if a PBJ) will cause MVA action
(If under 18 this may also include additional sanctions)

1st offense Driver Improvement Mandatory
2nd offense May suspend up to 30 days
3rd offense May suspend up to 180 days
4th or more May suspend or revoke up to 180 days


Suspend = automatic return after time period over

Revoke = Must reapply and meet any conditions required by MVA